Some reasons to use Caller ID spoofing.

11th Февраль 2016 ;)

Some reasons to use Caller ID spoofing.
Substitution incoming number long been associated with pranksters and scammers, but even though this technology is sometimes used unethically, there are some legitimate reasons to hide your phone number.
There are at least three situations when you want to replace your room. For example, you work at home, but you need to make a call to a client or customer, but you do not want to shine your home or cell number using caller ID spoofing you can change caller id free, replacing their room number of the working office.

Caller ID spoofing is perfect if you want to surprise a little child and arrange for a call from Santa Claus or Cinderella. The surprise and happiness of the child, from this voice changing, there is no limit. The system also provides the possibility of substitution voices. True, this only works with really small children.
It may also be an option when your friend ignores this calls. Substitution rooms can make him pick up the phone, especially if you know the number from which the call he just will not be ignored, and replace the number on this. The truth is it can be used as a last resort, your friend will be very unlikely to learn that you have used Caller ID spoofing.
Calls to the mobile via the Internet, it is possible to record audio and video — for organizations and ordinary people SIP telephony has become a priority means.Here I want to say a lot about the technology VOIPIn Wikipedia, we are told: VoIP — a communication system capable of transmitting voice signals over the Internet or any other IP-based networks. The signal is transmitted over a communication channel in digital form and are usually converted before transmission (compressed) in order to remove redundancy.
Not very clear explanation, in my opinion. Simply put, this is the technology with which we talk through Skype and similar programs on the Internet.

Well Skype, of course, it has long been no surprise, since he became the de facto working tool for office workers, and a household name for the army members. Although recently Skype suddenly burst into our lives and implemented a free voice (and later video!) Relationship with the world, and actually significantly reduce the cost of calls abroad.

Now it has become the norm, but then it was just a brain explosion, science fiction into reality, and in general welcome to the future! Until now, every six months or a year updating the balance of the personal account to be able to call my mother in Russia cheaper than a mobile phone. Certainly, there are already more expensive options, but just too lazy to look for low prices, and so, here is the important habit and ease of use.

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